Fever 333 dropped a rallying cry of a new song called "Presence Is Strength" on Tuesday (March 3), and the politically charged track was recorded and released in just 24 hours. Not only that, but the band's high-energy frontman, Jason Aalon Butler, released a solo tune called "Bulletproof" at the same time.

Fans paying attention to Butler's Instagram Story early in the week were privy to the process behind Fever 333's latest anthem. On Monday (March 2), the singer shared videos while recording his vocal takes accompanied by bandmates Stephen Harrison, Aric Improta and producer John Feldmann.

Listen to both songs down toward the bottom of this post.

On Monday, Butler explained the thought process behind recording and releasing the fresh Fever 333 song within a day. Motivated by Super Tuesday's presidential primary elections in the United States, the activist frontman indicated that the effort would arrive in time for the primaries the following day.

When it did, listeners found the single sharing sonic space with "Bulletproof," a new solo selection from Butler himself. A bit slower paced than "Presence Is Strength," the song still presents the musician's signature rhythmic singing style amid a soundscape of distorted instruments and propulsive percussion.

Butler highlighted both tracks with a statement on Wednesday (March 4), saying he felt that each song was "more than just music." "Presence Is Strength" follows 2019's non-album Fever 333 singles, "Vandals" and "Kingdom." The band's debut album Strength in Numb333rs was released in January of last year.

I've been working as hard as possible on being as creative, inspired, artistically courageous and as efficient as possible. Yesterday I released two tracks I had a hand in making (solo + @fever333 — one of them was written recorded mixed mastered and released in 24 hours. Due to the process, I feel they were more than just music. I feel they exhibit the capabilities we have and what we can achieve even when it seems like something we can't or even something we 'shouldn't'. The only way I could have accomplished getting these tracks out was to believe I could and that I should. So that's what I did. I guess what I'm trying to say is — please do not allow these limiting constructs that have been put in place new you from at least fuckin trying to make shit happen. Create. Attempt. Dare. Risk. Whatever — we can do a lot more than they've led us to believe. Let's do it. Whatever it is.⁣

Fever 333, "Presence Is Strength"

Jason Aalon Butler, "Bulletproof"

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