Monday night in Albany, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump wondered, “Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?” Shortly after, the “fun”, or riots, began.

A fight between a white Trump supporter and a black protester broke out behind the media pen at the Times Union Center. The scuffle was captured on video.

The video shows one man lunging at a protester who was repeatedly booing Trump. "The Donald" supporter, likely upset by the booing, is seen grabbing the protester's face and throwing his head back, multiple times. Others are seen trying to break up the fight.

The two were separated, but the war of words  briefly continued. Security is then seen removing the protester.

The Times Union has identified the Trump supporter as Mike Caraher of Albany. The protester's name is not known at this time.

"I have my personal rights and my personal space," Caraher told the Times Union after the rally. "They're going to start yelling about some bulls--t, I'll snatch your ass up."

As of this writing, there is still no reported rally scheduled for Trump  in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Though one is still possible.