Has spring FINALLY hit the Hudson Valley?  Took enough time but I think it may actually be here, to stay.

I love opening all the windows in the house, spraying everything down with something good smelling, and letting the winter stank (yeah I went there) right out the door!  I don't know about you, but it's got to actually feel like spring before my house gets fully ripped apart.  Here's a few things to try this year:

  • A friend recently posted something about a homemade good smelling cleaner that is perfect for a good ol' spring cleaning.  Take a mason jar, fill it with orange peels and vinegar, seal it and let it soak for 2 weeks.  Use for cleaning AND as a bug spray to eliminate ants!
  • Don't forget walls and windows while you are cleaning, take a damp cloth to wipe down blinds and walls, top to bottom.
  • Not sure if this is 100% spring related, but who doesn't love a nice Spring-y flower in the house.  Devitts Nursery and supply recently posted about how Gerber daisies release oxygen at night, so if you keep them by your bed you'll get some optimal oxygen levels while you sleep.  That plus an open window and some fresh air seem like a great plan in my book!

Do you have any springtime cleaning tips or tricks?