Having worked in customer service during the my early working years, like so many others I know first hand how far a thank you can go, especially when it comes to food service.

I can remember serving customers that had insanely long and ridiculously intricate orders, getting it done quickly and correctly, and not even getting a thank you.  Of course on the other end of the spectrum were customers that would order a $1 cup of coffee and leave you with a $4 tip and praise you like you were responsible for growing and harvesting the beans yourself.

I was scrolling through facebook on a community page where I used to live in Western MA, and came across a post about a restaurant that had something interesting on their menu:



They work hard making your food, so if you liked what you had and want a way to say thanks to our kitchen staff, this is how you can do it.

Personally, I think this is a GREAT idea.  While we generally provide tips for our servers, did you ever think about the kitchen staff behind the scenes actually preparing the food.

The conversation in the facebook group got a little heated (as most community forums typically do), as some people were complaining that it wasn't inclusive to those who were underage, or don't drink, but I side more with the people who like the intention behind the gesture of sending a round to the kitchen.

Other people chimed in saying they had seen this at restaurants before, and when a table sends a round to the kitchen you hear a loud "CHEERS" as a thank you.

Have you ever spotted something like this at any local restaurants?  If so, let us know where!

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