Here is the burning question. Why did someone place a fireplace in a random tree? I really hope no one decides to light this thing because it might just end in disaster.

The Hudson Valley isn't short on strange sights. Here is one that we need to add to the list.

If you turn off Route 9 and head towards 9D, you may notice a bizarre tree just sitting there. If you did not notice before there's a fireplace built inside a tree off Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, New York. Why the heck is this here? I think I have an idea.

I have driven by this thing a dozen times and never really looked at this tree. I don't know how I missed this thing. This might be one of the strangest displays in the Hudson Valley that no one seems to address.

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Why is there a fireplace in this tree? There are also fake bricks carved around it.

Fireplace in a Tree

Does anyone have an idea how this got here and why it is here? The tree is located on Middlebush Road near Bank of America. I snapped a picture of it and noticed that the fireplace tree is in the yard of a business that apparently does skincare solutions.


When I searched for the location in Google Maps I was given some clarification. According to Google Maps, before the business there provided skin care it looks like it was a fireplace and woodstove company. I wish there was a crazier story here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This tree may have been a giant advertisement. Hopefully, that brings some insight if you were wondering.

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