I love and anticipate the Fall season and Halloween as much as the next person but this is just ridiculous.

I enjoy the cooler weather and the horror movies but I think it's a little insane that we have started to see pumpkin flavored foods in July and now pumpkin spice late's are officially available for all of the basic people everywhere.

If that wasn't bad enough we now have to potentially face early clown action.

(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

There's a select theater that is allowing free admission to the reboot of 'It' if you show up dressed as a clown. So, not only are we encouraging people to dress up like clowns but we're also doing it a month early as the film will be released in early September. Could this giant clown movie party spark copycat movie screenings?

Clowns are considered nightmare fuel to most people. Why are we encouraging people to do this? Last year. creepy clowns plagued the country while scaring the pants off of us. The original 'It' movie horrified millions. Most people anticipate the remake to be even more frightening.

Will we see the creepy clown phenomenon make a comeback? I'm sure it will and it may be sooner rather than later.