Why Is a Haunted Couch For Sale in Middletown?
It says take at your own risk right on the sign. The Hudson Valley is home to many haunted houses, dolls and even graveyards, but I've got to admit that a haunted couch is a new one. I'd understand a rocking chair, even. Why is this spooky couch and love seat haunted? Who wants to buy it?
Is This Hudson Valley Road The Most Dangerous in New York State?
Is there an intersection or road here in the Hudson Valley that makes you fear for your life every time you travel through it? Recently, a Florida man has gotten a lot of media attention for his arrest after he intentionally caused an accident at an intersection he deemed unsafe. He thought he was proving a point but he was quickly arrested afterward.
Are You Afraid of the Number Thirteen?
Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Are you superstitious? Do you believe in good luck or bad luck? There's a real phobia for people who fear the things that have anything to do with the number thirteen. Are you one of them? The fear of the number thirteen is real and it's called "triskaidekaphobia". It's a mouthful but it's true. According to Readers Digest, psychologists think that if you fear bad luck, negative energy, or the number thirteen you may have a deeper rooted issue. You might might have a fear of things that you cannot control.
Want To See The Killers? How Well Do You Know Killers?
The Killers will be right here in New York before you know it. Want to score some tickets? Test your serial killer trivia for a chance see them live in concert. The Killers have brand new music out and how are they celebrating? There going on your of course. Many of us have been fans of The Killers for years and this tour is going to be huge show to kick off 2018!
First Pumpkin Spice in August and Now Clowns?
I love and anticipate the Fall season and Halloween as much as the next person but this is just ridiculous. I enjoy the cooler weather and the horror movies but I think it's a little insane that we have started to see pumpkin flavored foods in July and now pumpkin spice late's are officially available for all of the basic people everywhere. If that wasn't bad enough we now have to potentially face early clown action.

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