It almost didn't happen because of super storm Sandy, but the WRRV Pub Crawl though Ireland was a tremendous success. Taking a look back on the five year anniversary.

It started out as a big contest for the station, we gave away a trip and anyone who wanted to join in on the fun could purchase a package. It was a great package deal too, 5 nights/5 days in Ireland and for just a few hundred extra, you got an extra few nights in Dublin.

We started off in Kilkenny and from there we were off to Kilarney. Both were amazing towns featuring different aspects of Irish life. Dublin was the third and final stop and of course you have to do the Guiness tour while you're there. Nothing against Jameson, but the Guiness tour was a lot of fun.

One of the big things that stands out for me, with the trip being more than five years ago, it's pretty amazing to run into people to this day and we always talk about going back. Maybe someday!

A huge thank you to Deanna from CDT Travel for making the whole trip possible!