There are certain times when it's acceptable to do a little partying. And there are certain times during which you need to be absolutely sober and aware of your surroundings, at your sharpest.

When you win an award for an achievement based on merit, hard work, and dedication, hey, that's the perfect time to party.

When you're an on-duty cop, you need to make sure you're in a completely sober, serious, alert frame of mind--at all times. For the safety of yourself and everyone around you.

So what happens when you're an on-duty cop that happens to be receiving an award for your hard work?

What happens when that award is for the amount of DUI and drunk driving arrests you've made during your career? Sounds like a pretty obvious answer: be sober now, celebrate later.

Welp, find out how one cop handled that situation and what went down. Check the story below.