Orange County and Dana Distributors want to make sure that anyone who chooses to go out and celebrate New Year's Eve, gets home safely.

On Wednesday, various Orange County Officials, as well as a number of Orange County based law enforcement, joined Dana Distributors to show their support in the announcement of the 'Alert Cab Program' for the upcoming New Year's Holiday.

Alert Cab aims to improve road safety and prevent drink driving by providing free cab rides.  For this initiative, Dana Distributors collaborates with Uber to provide rides home for individuals in Orange, Sullivan or Rockland Counties.  The program, which is once again being offered by Dana Distributors General Sales Manager Tom Kennedy, is actually being offered now through New Year's Eve, Alert Cab will drive people home from within ten miles from the bar.

The program, which was described as being successful for more than a decade, has a simple message, 'don’t become or cause another statistic attributed to driving while intoxicated. There is never an excuse to drink and drive.'

During the announcement of the Alert Cab Program, Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus was on site and joined by District Attorney David Hoovler,  Sheriff Carl E. DuBois, as well as Undersheriff Kenneth T. Jones and Deputy County Clerk Kelly Eskew.  County Executive Neuhaus shared the following:

Orange County has zero tolerance for drunk driving and law enforcement will remain vigilant during this holiday, ensuring that our roadways are safe. We appreciate that Dana Distributors offers the Alert Cab program. Every ride can potentially save lives.

Orange County Government, Steven M. Neuhaus
Orange County Government, Steven M. Neuhaus

At the event, Senator Mike Martucci was presented with Dana Distributor's 2021 Recognition Award.

Again, Dana Distributors, together with Uber, will be offering safe ride homes for those who need it in Orange, Sullivan, Or Rockland counties.

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