Before I start this, let's just all appreciate the headline of this article. If you told me fifteen years ago that I would be authoring a piece on the WRRV website entitled "Florida Man Craps in Cop Car," you would have had a very excited 12-year-old and 2 very disappointed parents on your hands.

Sorry, mom.

Anyhow, this guy clearly has some problems. I'm still not sure if this guy really had to use the restroom or if he decided that this was his excuse and, like an actor with a true understanding of method, he decided he needed to actually follow through with it.

I wouldn't be surprised either way, but you can go ahead and make the call for yourself. Find the story below and, in general, do your best to avoid defecating in police cars. Or any emergency vehicle. Or anyone else's vehicle. Or your own vehicle. Just don't do it in cars, thanks.