Washing your dog is important for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While they don't require as much washing as their human masters, they still need regular cleanings. Anyone who ever tried washing their new fur baby in a bath tub experience one of two things. The dog calmly steps into the tub filled with water and just chills there while you work over their fur with shampoo and they feel like their getting a massage. The alternative can be a nightmare however.

Some dogs hate water, some dogs will protest and jump out while shaking their sudsy dog hair all over your living room. With summer time approaching, washing your dog outside is a solid and safe option. On a hot day it can really help your dog cool off, but not everyone has a backyard or even a hose for that matter.

Dog Wash

Foam & Wash is one of the Hudson Valley car wash companies that offer both automatic car washes as well as self service. It was a few years ago that I noticed a tiny section for a Dog Wash. Upon Further inspection, I saw an elevated waste high tub with a few small leads or leashes attached to them. A hanging shower head with a hose attachment makes this the ideal scenario for washing my dog.

What had me sold on it was the different shampoo and conditioning options that all come straight out of the shower head. Flea & Tick, tearless and oatmeal shampoo is just a switch away. There is even a De-skunk treatment for any dog who has an unfortunate encounter with a smelly defensive animal.

Duggar bath

Once the dog is cleaned and rinsed, the drying process begins. Foam & Wash actually has a blow dryer attachment as well as a doggie wet vac attachment. While your dog might not be perfectly dry, it still eliminates a substantial amount of water from their fur making the drying process much faster, just don't forget to bring a towel.

Foam & Wash has a dog wash in Poughkeepsie on North Grand Ave, Wappingers Falls on Rt. 9, Fishkill on Merritt Blvd. and Newburgh on North Plank Road. More information can be found on their website.