In a new list of the 20 safest cities in New York State, four Hudson Valley towns have been recognized for their low crime levels.

This week Safewise released their yearly list of the safest cities in New York. The 20 towns who topped the list were primarily located in either the Hudson Valley or the Lower Hudson Valley. In fact, aside from three towns in Long Island, one near Albany and another outside of Utica, the safest towns were all located either in or nearby the Hudson Valley.

Locally, the safest city listed was the Town of Highlands. The Orange County town was ranked the 2nd safest in the state. Last year, the Town of Highlands was ranked 4th, but because of a very low level of crime they made it up to number two this year. With only .36 violent crimes per 1,000 citizens and 1.45 property crimes for the same amount of the population, Highlands is the safest town in the Hudson Valley.

Also in Orange County, Cornwall was named the 14th safest town. This is actually down from last year's ranking of 10th. For every 1,000 citizens Cornwall had just .53 violent crimes and 3.68 property crimes. The list also includes the towns of Kent and Carmel in Putnam count, which came in 7th and 16th, respectively.