The Red Foxes' consistently great squad is left scrambling as four of their players have decided to transfer. Where do they go from here?That's the predicament faced by Coach Brian Giorgis, who, year after year, has put together a top-tier team. In fact, this season was the first in eleven years that didn't have the Red Foxes winning the MAAC title.

The transfers include Brittni Lai, Katharine Fogarty, Payton Birchmeier, and all-league forward Madeline Blais.

"It was just more of a shock after shock," he said. "Even the players remaining were shocked. … They're disappointed, but we understand that people may want different things. You have to respect that.

Giorgis said the pool of possibilities at this juncture in the season include junior college players, graduates with a year of eligibility left (who are allowed to transfer without sitting out a year for NCAA residency rules) and simply players who have yet to sign a National Letter of Intent.

However, Giorgis said he doesn't intend on acting out of desperation, bringing in players who aren't a good fit for the team just to have extra bodies for 2015-16.

"We love what's coming in next year," Giorgis said. "We may be a little shorthanded for a year."


This could be an opportunity to start fresh with a new group that could build chemistry over the offseason and as next year progresses, or this could result in a rough transitional year. Either way, if anyone seems capable and competent enough to right the ship, it's Giorgis.