A  Hudson Valley smoke shop will be handing out free joints to all of their customers once again this Friday.

Last month Smokers Mecca in Beacon made headlines for a unique promotional stunt that invited everyone to stop by the store for a complimentary marijuana joint. The Free Joint Friday campaign was a huge success that resulted in a line of customers stretching all the way down Main Street in Beacon.

Store owner, Grant McCabe, says the promotion will run on the first and last Friday of each month, which just so happens to be today. Customers who drop by Smokers Mecca on Friday, September 24 between 3pm and 6pm with proof that they're over 21 can grab a joint with no purchase necessary.

As for the legality of giving out a bunch of free pot, McCabe explained last month that he's not worried about that because what he's doing is well within the law.  McCabe explained that while it's still illegal to sell pot to customers right now in New York State, possessing it or giving it away is perfectly legal.


McCabe's first free pot giveaway on August 27 drew an enormous crowd. While there is security on site, the small business owner says the crowd was very well behaved. Many who showed up to the event were skeptical that McCabe was actually giving away real marijuana, but the store owner said the doubters were all pleasantly surprised to find out that this wasn't synthetic pot or CBD, but genuine pot.

Friday's event, just like last month, will be "first come, first served." But if you miss out, that's ok. McCabe tells us he has even more surprises in store for upcoming promotions.

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