Following tons of backlash about plans to charge for parking in City of Kingston, parking will once again be free. Well, kind of.

On Facebook, Kingston mayor Steve Noble proposed an amendment to his plan for drivers to purchase parking permits for the remainder of 2017.

“We will provide parking passes for frequent users for free (actually it will cost $10 for the shipping, handling and material for the permit) and can be used it any municipal lot, with also a commitment to continue the conversation with interested stakeholders,” Noble wrote.

Residents or employees of local businesses will have the opportunity to apply for a permit in early Spring 2017 before kiosks are installed in the municipal lots. The annual $10 fee will cover service charges required to prepare the permit, officials say.

“I strongly believe, and studies have demonstrated clearly, that ‘free’ parking is not actually free,” Noble said. My updated parking plan seeks to shift the burden of parking costs from taxpayers to users, while preventing an undue burden on our local residents and employees of local businesses.”

The amendment will require the approval of a majority of Kingston's Common Council. A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.