We've all had our share of a refrigerator odor that was hard to handle, but this takes things to absolutely new heights.

College dorms must be ground zero for awful hygienic offenses, sure. I mean, the floor of the showers alone is probably home to about 3 trillion different forms of bacteria, not to mention the spoiled food all over the place and the dirty laundry that hasn't been touched since the first weekend of the semester.

But to cause enough of a funk that it requires hazmat suits to solve? That's an accomplishment. And the worst part? They still don't even know what it was.

The University of Kentucky was home to this odor, and yes, people were hospitalized by it:

Almost a dozen people ... were hospitalized after taking a whiff of something inside a fridge.

ABC news reported a hazardous material team deployed to the university to assist workers who complained of nausea and irritation in the eyes and on the skin after opening a refrigerator inside the Dimock Animal Pathology building.

Officials at the school say the refrigerator was unplugged and removed from the Gluck Equine Research Center and placed in the building. Movers didn't notice anything wrong with the appliance at the time.

University spokesman Carl Nathe said the stench originated from "chemical residue" that was left inside the fridge.

The building was evacuated for a few hours while the fridge was being sealed.


A little Arm & Hammer goes a long way, team.