Have you ever found yourself to be in the situation where you need to have clean urine for a drug-test? Okay, so this is a bit more tongue in cheek than it should be. To what lengths would you go to make sure you have clean urine to pass the test? Would you try to pass someone else's off as your own?

What happens if you don't have a friend to get urine from, would you ask man's best friend? Your dog? One woman in Kentucky did just that. She had a meeting with her parole officer and had to give a urine sample as a requirement of her probation.

Knowing going into it that meeting that she was not going to pass her "wiz-quiz" the woman in question gathered a urine sample, from her dog. She was able to submit the urine as a part of her meeting, but it was during the actual testing process that the jig was up.

The woman in question, will be spending some more time with the State of Kentucky thinking about what she did as she spends time thinking things over in prison on parole violation charges.

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