I've been a homeowner for over four years, which means I have so many more issues that I haven't even discovered yet. Took about a year to learn that my house moves. It doesn't get up and walk around the block, but the house itself expands and contracts. I also learned that the earth below will move a little with the weather making my home a little off at times. That being said I had my first frozen pipe issue and almost panicked.

When I turned on my hot water in the kitchen sink, nothing came out. Uh oh! My anxiety kicked in since I'm far from a plumber. What do I do? I spent a few hours thinking about possible solutions, first was call a plumber. But what would that cost? I wasn't ready for a major issue with my home but honestly, no one ever is.

Before I did anything, I spoke to a few other home owners and learned that there are a few steps to take before calling a professional. In the video I show what I did and the problem was solved in under ten minutes and it was so much easier than I thought!