We had so much fun during the first annual 'WRRV Intern Ester Egg Hunt'. Although the real fun was had at our intern Brett's expense but isn't the best fun always had at someone's expense?

Let's face it and address the elephant in the room. Interns have a stigma that follows them around of being young, inexperienced, disposable free labor. Look, it's just not true. Just like any work place, good help is hard to find.

I admire and appreciate the work interns put forth. I'll always do my best to help them succeed and most importantly, learn this industry.

Brett, is one of those interns who never second guesses the directions you give him. He's on time and he stays late. He's currently studying at Marist and we only have him a few more days so we thought we'd have a little fun before he goes.

As most internships are unpaid, Brandi and I decided to throw our very own intern Easter egg hunt for a chance to win some prizes. Of course we made Brett take a camera with him.

Take a look and see how he did.