Olivia Rodrigo has been no stranger to controversy over sounding a little too similar to a number of famous female rockers. She made news when she retroactively gave songwriting credits to the likes of Paramore and Taylor Swift after fans called out similarities between her music and theirs. Now, Olivia Rodrigo is taking a page out of another huge influence of hers: Avril Lavigne.

This is Where Things Get "Complicated"

Olivia Rodrigo is currently is in the middle of her Sour Tour. Each night, Rodrigo has been covering Avril Lavigne's 2002 hit, "Complicated" as apart of her set list. Avril Lavigne finally weighed in on Friday, April 29th, in a big way.

What Were You Expecting?

During Rodrigo's recent stop in Toronto last Friday, she teased a special guest, who also happened to be a Canada native. It didn't take long for the crowd to understand what was about to happen. Moments later, she introduced Avril Lavigne on stage! The crowd freaked out as they broke into "Complicated" together. It's a performance that will make your 2000s self and your current self very happy.

Sharing the Love

Avril Lavigne has actually been a vocal supporter of Olivia Rodrigo. About 5 months ago at a Variety event, she presented Rodrigo with a Song Writer of the Year Award, saying, "Her songs are personal, her songs are raw, and her songs are relatable." Olivia Rodrigo went onto say "I am such a massive fan of you, I look up to you so much, so this is so surreal for me. Thank you for the love and support.” Sharing the stage together like this must've been a huge moment for both singers, just as it was for all of the fans in attendance.


You can check out Val's interview with Avril Lavigne from a few months ago here.

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