Last week we learned just how crazy people can get over that chance of winning free stuff. Especially free gaming consoles.

Video games have come a long way in the past 20 years. When I was a kid it was an activity that you and your friends would do on the weekend while staying up late. Over the past decade, games have gone from just for fun arcade-style games to being very long immersive. Many games come with a minimum play time of 100 hours. The games last longer and the graphics have become extremely detailed. It is almost like these games have become a part of our lives or at the very least trying to imitate our lives.

These enhancements to video game consoles over the years come with a hefty price tag. A new PlayStation 5 or Xbox XS can run a customer for nearly $500.

According to Variety, a gamer and popular YouTube streamer named Kai is apologizing after a gaming console giveaway at Union Square Park turned violent. Thousands of people reportedly showed up trying to win a free PlayStation 5 and gift cards.

  The unbelievable footage was shared on social media.