It is truly one of the most beautiful times of the year here in the Hudson Valley. My favorite seasons are Spring and Summer. I love the sunny skies, warm weather, seeing the wildlife return again, and simply being in nature.

My grandmother loved gardening and my mom also plants flowers. I have been more interested in creating my own garden lately and learning all about the dos and don'ts.

It's fascinating that some people grow their own fruits and vegetables along with beautiful plants. Having all of these all-natural sources in your backyard is truly a gift in itself.

While you spend time planting and helping your fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow, it also takes time and energy. I find it soothing to water the flowers and watch them grow in the sunlight week after week.

However, I have noticed that sometimes wildlife gets into the plants. Depending on if they slept on them, walked through them or even ate them, it would slow down the process.

Here are some all-natural hacks that you can use in your Hudson Valley garden to keep critters away.

Depending on the gardener, some may like to use different things.

Throwing in a few orange peels to your garden or creating your own, homemade orange spray could work.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Recently, my mom put orange peels in your flower pots to prevent animals and pests from invading. This can deter pests such as bugs and you can even create a mist and spray it on your garden products as well.

Lemon and limes are great to add to your garden for pest control.

My mom also used lemon and limes and put them throughout her flower pots to deter animals. The smell of citrus is supposed to ward away anything that might want to eat them.

If all else fails and the pests or animals still come around the plants, maybe they will end up eating the fruit instead of your vegetables or flowers.

Coffee grounds can be used for more than just serving a fresh cup of Joe.


Instead of making a cup of coffee, save a scoop and put it in your garden. Coffee grounds are also a solution to keep pets from eating your flowers.

Before you throw your eggshells out, you can add them to your flourishing garden.

Eggshells can also be placed in your garden and may serve as food to animals instead of whatever may be growing. They also make a good fertilizer as well.

Planting mint in your garden could deter animals from entering.

Growing fresh mint is ideal in the warmer months and can be added to water or your favorite cocktail. This scent wards off pests.

Catnip can be used for another purpose besides giving it to your furbaby.


Catnip is something that you can grow for your precious fur babies. The scent of this plant will also keep away anything that may be disrupting your garden. You may also gain a few stray cats or two! :)

All of these suggestions are based on gardeners who had success with providing these all-natural products in their garden for pest control.

Do you know of any natural gardening hacks to keep critters out of your garden? Share with us below. Happy planting!

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