Have you seen this new device hitchhiking on your shopping cart yet? Do you know what it is? I was floored when I found out.

I was a bit surprised when I saw this weird modification on a shopping cart during my last visit to the grocery store. I didn't think they could possibly add any new technological advancements to the shopping cart but here we are.

I first noticed the device on a shopping cart while I was at the Price Chopper store in Poughkeepsie on Rte 9.

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Google Maps

My routine started off normally. I grabbed the cart from the coral at the front of the store and went on in. By the time I made it to the produce section I noticed a bizarre red sign that looked like a warning label in the front of the cart. Usually this spot is reserved for local advertisers or safety rules prohibiting kids from standing up inside the cart.

The sign was about a new feature that has been added to the shopping carts in the store.

According to the sign in the cart, a new device has been added to the wheels of each cart that will lock up when the customer tries to leave without paying. I guess it acts similar to a boot on a car.

The sign said that if the cart does not enter the check-out lane one of the wheels will lock when you reach the exit doors. It's a brilliant way prevent shoplifting and it may be a good way to help carts being dragged clear across the parking lot.

Have you seen these yet? Here's the sign.


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