Roundabouts are popping up all around the Hudson Valley, and there's more to come.

Studies have shown that roundabouts reduce injury crashes by 75 percent compared to traditional intersections with traffic signals, and fatalities by 90%, according to a blog post by Mainetti & Mainetti Law.

Many roundabouts have popped up in the Hudson Valley. Intersections with a history of accidents or backups are usually targeted by planners and engineers.

The James P Kelly/Route 78 roundabout in Middletown was just completed on October 2. The City of Middletown posted how to navigate a roundabout in 27 easy steps on their Facebook page. 27 steps? That seems excessive.

Two more roundabouts are expected to be installed in Harriman near the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets part of a $150 million effort to cure the traffic problems and confusion that happens in that area.

There's also a proposed roundabout to be installed at Legoland and Route 17 near the BOCES Complex on Harriman Drive leading to Route 17. Legoland is expected to have 1.5 to 2.5 million visitors annually.

Kingston is expected to begin constructed on another roundabout at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Broadway. The project will take approximately two years to complete, and will include elevated crosswalks.

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