Gilmore Girls is set to return via Netflix, while a small Connecticut town will bring the characters to life with a weekend long festival celebrating the show. 

This October, Washington Depot, CT will host the first ever Gilmore Girls Fan Fest. Three days strictly dedicated to all things Gilmore Girls. Washington Depot is important because the small town inspired Stars Hollow, the location on the show.

The weekend will be full of activities with themes relevant to the story line. Plus, much of the cast has been confirmed to appear including Kelly Bishop, Jackson Douglas and Vanessa Marano.

Gilmore Girls premiere on Netflix in November with this fan fest taking place a month earlier from October 21st-23rd. They will be screening the pilot and finale and several episode chosen by the fans. Tickets are on sale now if you're fired up.

According to their website, the festival was founded by fans Marcus and Jennie Whitaker and are not affiliated to the WB in any way.