So Netflix went and did it. They turned over 200 locations nationwide into Luke's Diner. Come on Gilmore Girl's fans. Join with me and find out why, Netflix, could not be bothered to bring on of these one day, pop-up diner locations to the people of the Hudson Valley?

The reason that Netflix if doing this? Today, Oct. 5, 2016 is the 16th anniversary of the original air date for the first episode of Gilmore Girls. Think you'll want to visit one of these today-only Luke's Diners? Here is a link to the entire 200 plus, with the closest ones being in New York City and Hartford, Conn. Note the places are only going to be open from 7AM to Noon.

Can't get enough Gilmore Girls? On Nov. 25, there will be a special release on Netflix called Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life. All of these pop-up diners lead us to the question, which Hudson Valley eatery would you like to turn into Luke's Diner for at least one day?