As if you needed another reason to purchase Girl Scout cookies, they are giving you two new reasons. Many people look forward to purchasing (and eating) the cookies every year but don't realize what the money goes toward. The monies raised from each troops sales goes to programs with that local troop or council, with focus on educational experiences for each of the girls.

The Girl Scout cookie sales program, according to their website, dates back to 1917, five years after the Girl Scouts programs began. Over the years, the flavors of cookies has changed, along with the ingredients. There has even been changes to be able to offer both gluten free and vegan options as the customer demand for both has increased.

In 2017, the Girl Scouts will offer two new cookie flavors. The new cookies will be two different versions of the traditional campfire snack s'Mores. According to a press release, here are a few of the 'healthy details' about the new cookies:

The chocolatey coated Girl Scout S'mores™ cookie is vegan, free of artificial colors, preservatives, and partially hydrogenated oils. The sandwich Girl Scout S'mores cookie contains no artificial flavors or colors, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.


One version will be a square graham cookie, double dipped in a creme icing and then completely covered in chocolate. The other version will be a sandwich cookie, with a chocolate and marshmallow filling. Will you try them or stay with your traditional GS cookie favorites?