Every once in a while my taste buds inform me that it's time to revisit a classic. That classic being...a Bloody Mary.

The universe and my taste buds must be in cahoots. Earlier this week while scrolling on Instagram I came across these gorgeous Bloody Mary's topped with what looks like delightfully fried foods.

Things Get Over The Top at The Academy in Poughkeepsie, NY

I had to learn more. So I reached out to Maxwell Marcus who shared the photo on Instagram and was shared by The Academy in Poughkeepsie. Marcus tells us he ordered the Over-The-Top Bloody Mary during Brunch at The Academy.

He shared that his was topped with "a white castle burger followed by an onion ring, followed by a chicken finger, followed by a bagel bite." That's like a full meal on top of a drink and I love every second of it.

Marcus tells us that Jackie and Joslyn were the bartenders mixing up The Over The Top Bloody Mary's that day and that they, along with Brian the manager were fantastic.

The Academy has posted about The Over The Top drink in the past. This post from March shows off the drink topped with dumplings and what looks like bacon and steak.

A meal and a drink all in one? Can't go wrong in my opinion!

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