This little kid is presumed to be lost and causing quite a reaction on social media. On Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 Pets Alive posted on their social media that this adorable goat was discovered apparently lost at the Stewarts Shop in Wurtsboro, New York.

The post didn't give a lot of details about how the goat was found or who found the little cutie hanging out at the Stewarts but it is assumed that this kid is lost. When I was getting ready to write this post I took another look at the comments to see if this goat's humans have surfaced to claim them but as of publishing time, it appears this kid is still unclaimed.

Goat Found in Wurtsboro at Stewart's Shop

Pets Alive Goat via Facebook
Pets Alive Goat via Facebook

Reading through the comments I was a bit surprised to see so many people concerned that this goat had come from a meat or dairy farm. Funny no one mentioned that it might have escaped from a spa offering goat yoga.

People's comments were overwhelmingly concerned that if the owner showed up that this kid was destined to be returned to an unhappy ending. I am hoping that is not true. The whole reason I am sharing this story is to help find this kid a happy ending.

Can You Adopt the Goat from Pets Alive?

Many of the comments offered to adopt the goat if no one comes forward. One comment from Pets Alive, who is obviously caring for the goat, expressed that if the owner doesn't surface, the goat will be quarantined and then made available for adoption.

I personally want to thank whoever found this little goat at the Stewarts on route 209 in Wurtsboro for having the forethought to contact a shelter and make sure the goat got proper care. UPDATE: the goat has discovered at the Stewarts Shop in Wurtsboro around 11 PM on Monday, September 12th and because it is a small world it turns out I know the person who went to the shop to collect "Oreo". Jean Marie who I met this year playing in a golf league and volunteers with Pets Alive was called by a friend about the little goat. She was able to pick him up and keep him safe until he could go to Pet Alive.

Where Could the Goat Have Runaway From in Sullivan County?

Many have speculated how this kid ended up on its own. Some feel it may have escaped from a nearby farm, it may also have been an unwanted pet. Either way Pets Alive is hoping to either locate its original owner or find it a good home. If you believe you know this kid or you can offer any information contact Pets Alive at 845-386-9738.

Pets Alive is a pet rescue located in Middletown New York whose mission is "to build a humane community through adoption, outreach, education, and rescue."

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