A member of the Goodfellas movie cast who had ties to the lower Hudson Valley has passed away at the age of 89. LoHud reports Charles Low, who played the character 'Morrie' in the classic mobster film, owned homes in Tarrytown and Lake Mahopac.

Low began his career in the military before moving on to the family business, which manufactured marine equipment. He went on to start his own business in the 60s which resulted in having a guy by the name of Robert DiNiro as a tenant. They became friends which ultimately lead to his role in the movie.

LoHud reports he was also in the 'The Mission', 'King Of Comedy' and 'Scent of A Woman'. Low also appeared on the mobster themed 'Sopranos'.

Please be advised before watching the clip, there is violence and some colorful language that might not be safe for work. But Jimmy wants the money he lent Morrie for the TV commercial.