An exciting new technology is headed our way, and it's the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley. Meet "Dialogflow CX", a new artificial intelligence-powered program that's making its debut in Sullivan County.

Wait, Is it Time for My Tinfoil Hat?

Luckily, it's nothing as threatening as Skynet (The Terminator, anyone?) or sneaky surveillance. It's actually a chatbot developed by Google that's meant to streamline the way Sullivan County residents interact with their government.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot technology has been quickly spreading across all sectors, both public and private. If you've ever visited a website and had a little chat bubble pop up with a prompt asking you if you need assistance (below), then you've already interacted with one. Here's what it means for Sullivan County.

Google Chatbot Coming to Sullivan County

At its core, the chatbot is meant to help residents get information as quickly as possible while simultaneously lightening the workload of county employees. From the Sullivan County Manager's office:

The Sullivan County Virtual Agent is an artificial intelligence-driven program designed to immediately and accurately answer questions from users on the County website. When users click on the chatbox logo in the lower right of their screen, the Virtual Agent will provide a list of clickable topics and a spot to type in questions.

While the technology is exciting, it's also new. Currently, the focus is on assisting the two busiest departments in the county.

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Chatbot Help in Sullivan County, NY

At present, the chatbot is programmed to assist inquiries related to the Count Clerk's and Treasurer's Offices, (the DMV is under the County Clerk's umbrella). The hope is that the new artificial intelligence feature will pay dividends for both residents and county employees, but that is yet to be seen. Users are urged to submit any feedback after using the chatbot to the Director of Communications, Dan Hust, at

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