After two weeks away, Gorillaz have returned to giving an update on their characters. Today, they posted The Book of Murdoc on their social media feeds. We've embedded it all below.

As with the other two stories, The Book of Murdoc describes what happened when the members of Gorillaz were forced to leave Plastic Beach -- the name of their 2010 album -- when the South Pacific island was raided by pirates ("Not the eye-patch kind - those modern-day ones with machine guns and no sense of flair," the story reads). First, we learned that Noodle had to defeat a "shape-shifting devil of unimaginable evil" and Russel was mistaken for North Korea's version of Godzilla. Now, we get to learn about what became of bassist Murdoc Niccals.

Unfortunately, Murdoc's escape via submarine found him surface right in front of Battleship Ringo, which was owned by their label, EMI. Citing breach of contract, EMI transferred Murdoc to a dungeon located underneath Abbey Road Studios, where he stayed for three years, until his corporate overlords realized they needed his songwriting skills and released him, with a new deal in tow.

All that's left to be told now is the story of singer/keyboardist Stuart "2D" Pot, and it would appear that it's all leading up to news of Gorillaz's next project. They began work in September 2015 with the hopes of releasing their fifth album at some point this year. However, Damon Albarn recently told a fan that they still had two weeks of recording to go.

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