Remember when Green Day had fans buzzing about the 25th anniversary of their Dookie album by posting that they'd played the record in full in the studio? Well, it looks like that may finally translate to the live stage.

Green Day recently announced a one-off performance in Madrid on Oct. 30 at the intimate La Riviera club, and not long after rumors began to surface on Reddit that a performance of the Dookie album in full would occur.

Now, it looks like Billie Joe Armstrong is having some fun with the speculation, posting on his Instagram stories a close-up view of the Dookie artwork, but he's added a Spanish flag to the posting (as seen below and tipped by Kerrang!). He also weighed in on the fan account @greendayitalianrageandlove posting a winking eye emoji on a post asking, “Would you like to hear the entire Dookie live?”

Green Day will be playing the MTV World Stage in Seville on Nov. 2 and the show was initially thought to be a warm-up. It's not known if there will be any additional Dookie dates, but it's always a possibility. Earlier this year, Blink-182 tested the waters with an Enema of the State 20th anniversary performance before announcing a full-fledged tour supporting the album later in the summer. But with a new album looming, at the 25th anniversary year winding down for Green Day, it would seem like the time is now or never, at least in terms of this particular anniversary.

Billie Joe Armstrong 'Dookie' Instagram Story

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