The Hudson Valley area has a ton of grocery stores, and the best in the state will be opening its doors nearby. Have any guesses for what is the best grocery store in the state? Think about it...mull it over.

And the answer is (cue drum roll), Wegmans! The Daily Meal put out the list of the best grocery stores in every state and good ol' Wegs took home the trophy for New York. Wegmans is known for their short checkout lines, hot and cold lunch bar, subs, and all around greatness.

This is no surprise to me because Wegmans really is the best. I've been trying to get a Wegmans in the Hudson Valley. I know this because I shopped at Wegmans for three years.

Lucky for us Hudson Valley residents, one is coming to Harrison in Westchester County. But no official date has been announced for the store to open.