Sometimes you just need to smash some things. In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to smash pumpkins with our special guests.

Grouplove is on tour with Imagine Dragons and K. Flay and they decided to stop by the WRRV studios for a special performance. I'm not a musician but I hate to travel. I couldn't imagine being cramped in a tour bus for hours and hours. Grouplove may have had a bit of mobile cabin fever. We decided to have let them take out some aggression.

With Jeffrey Dean Morgan living in the Hudson Valley we can only hope that Negan will see this and give us his approval. Check out this video of Grouplove bashing some fruit with our very own Lucille.

I think it is safe to say that Grouplove had a fun time relieving some stress. Who will WRRV have stop over next to crush some melons?