If you had plans to take Dad to the NEACA Saugerties Gun show on June 18th and 19th you are going to have to find something else to do those two days. In a press release issued earlier today (June 9th, 2022), it was announced that the show has been canceled.

The cancelation was a mutual agreement made by both the promoter of the Gun Show the New EastCoast Arms Collector Associates (NEACA) and the Town of Saugerties. It was scheduled to be held both June 18th and 19th at the Kiwanis Ice Arena. Both the Town Supervisor Fred Costello and David Petronis, who represents NEACA, agreed that this was not the right time for an event of this nature.

Gun Show Cancelled Out of Respect for Victims Saugerties, NY

Saugerties via Google
Saugerties via Google

Mr. Petronis is the President of the NEACA, as he stated in the release issued today

Taking into consideration the recent events of gun violence, both here in NY, and the tragic event in Texas, to continue with this gun show would have been irresponsible and insensitive to all those who recently lost loved ones (press relase 6/9/22)

Mr. Petronis, according to the press release, has been holding gun shows in Saugerties for years and has a good reputation for cooperating with the Town of Saugerties. Fred Costello was very impressed with the decision the NEACA made to cancel the show,

There is a possibility that the show may get rescheduled at some point. It apparently is being left up to timing. Both representatives for the Town of Saugerties and the NEACA feel that in light of the Texas tragedy and recent gun violence in New York, it is better to wait. Mr. Petronis was also quoted as saying:

Making Money isn’t everything and this is the responsible thing for us as a show promoter to do. (press release 6/9/22)

Mr. Petronis was also sure to state that he is a very staunch supporter of Second Amendment Rights and that these recent acts were "perpetrated by what appears to be deraigned individuals".

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