I think it's safe to say that Halloween candy hits the shelves earlier and earlier every single year. It seems like it really does hit the shelves in mid-summer. Was it always like that?

I had stopped into the grocery store about two weeks ago and saw something shocking. Pumpkin spice coffee creamers were being sold in the dairy aisle. This seemed absolutely insane to me as it was still July.


Is July too soon for pumpkin spice?

Many people think so but Dunkin' and Starbucks release their pumpkin spice lattes in August. Some people even think that is too early. The debate over pumpkin spice rages on every year.

What about Halloween candy?

Is July and August too soon for Halloween candy? 90-degree weather doesn't seem like a great time to release pumpkin-themed chocolate but I could be wrong.


Believe it or not, the candy is here and purists might think it's insane but just like pumpkin spice, not everyone shares that opinion. Some people are not just excited about it, they are panic buying it. Candy supplies may dwindle by October and there's a chance the prices could increase.

Is it me or does the candy seem more expensive than last year? It may end up costing you double what you paid for candy last year.


Maybe many of us are just over this hot summer and we're already thinking about the fall.

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Are you going to buy Halloween candy early? Where are you going to store until the end of October?

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