Now that it's October, and Halloween season is officially underway, are there specific 'Halloween-esque' treats that you like to enjoy to celebrate the season?

Nick has made it clear that he isn't particularly enthused by the idea of candy corn - personally, I happen to enjoy an occasional candy corn or harvest pumpkin, but we all know that too many can make your teeth hurt.

If you're up for adding a new and limited edition seasonal treat to your fall must-have list, Cold Stone may come through for the big win, in the form of 'Boolicious,' made with 'Boo Batter' ice cream.  If you enjoy the Cold Stone fan-favorite cake batter flavor, this takes that flavor to the next, darker, level, literally, the ice cream is black.

The announcement of the spooky snack was made on October 1st via twitter, and an official press release (this is big news for ice cream lovers, huh?).

According to the press release:

The Treat Or Treat Creation features Boo Batter Ice Cream, mixed with trick-or treat favorites Halloween OREO® Cookies, Kit Kat® and M&M's®! In addition, guests will be given the option to bring their Creation to life with a black or orange waffle cone or bowl.

Do you think you'll give the Boolicious spooky treat a try?  I think a candy corn right on the top would take it to the next level, no?