There are no shortage of shops to browse at The NY State Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY. Most featured hand crafted wares such as clothing, armor, weapons, pottery and glass blown works of art!

I toured many of these shops during my visit to The Faire this year. The prices vary depending on your taste. What I appreciated was the time it took to make these products. Craftsmanship found here is not too common at your local mall.

In some cases, you can actually watch the different products being made before you purchase. I enjoyed the glass blowing demonstration the most. In fact, they offer these demonstrations four times each day the faire is open. Taking the time to explain the process and watch them take molten shards of glass and blow them into beautiful works of art!

The New York State Renaissance Faire is located in Tuxedo, NY and is open weekends until October 1st. More details and ticket information can be found on their website.