Listen, I know the value of having a good drink with friends. And speaking of friends, when someone takes care of you at the bar and hooks you up with a drink, they become your best friend in the world.

Let Brandi and I become your friends.

If you're not familiar with the WRRV Spirit Society, it's a group that we've put together so that we all have an opportunity to hang out and have a great time with one another in a relaxed environment at a great local establishment with great local drinks using great local spirits. Obviously, there are a few common threads and recurring themes here: local, casual, friendly, and, again, local.

So after having such a great time the past few months, we're going to have another event on Wednesday, July 20th at a spot I'm very excited to feature: Henry's at the Farm at Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa in Milton. They are as hyperlocal as it gets, with so many fresh ingredients at their disposal from right there on the property.

From 5-7PM, we will be there enjoying drinks and having a good time, talking to you (or, if you don't want to talk to us and just want to creepily leer at the people whose disembodied voices you hear coming out of the radio box every morning, we're totally cool with that too).

But, we want to know if you're coming. Why? Well, because we have something special planned for you. If you're planning on coming out to the event, we want to hook you up with a drink on us.

For real! And the best part? The drink is called the Deuce and Brandi Fizz. I've got a drink with my name in it! I feel like I've finally arrived. Truthfully, I feel like Larry David in that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm wherein he got a sandwich named after him at Leo's Deli:


But if for some reason you need further convincing, here are some amazing cocktails from the fine folks at Henry's at the Farm and how to make them:


Go ahead. Sign up. Do it. Dooooo it. What are you even waiting for?