I was stopped randomly in Poughkeepsie yesterday and I had no idea why at first. Have you experienced one of these checkpoints before?

I'm in a weird place. I still consider myself the new guy here but I was just reminiscing and I came to the shocking realization that I've lived in New York State for almost 7 years now. I've only been in the Hudson Valley for about 5 of those years and just recently I experienced this for the first time.

Like many people in the Hudson Valley, my commute to work consists of taking 9D on to Rte 9. A few times on my way home I had noticed two police officers standing in the middle of 9D waving cars through. I have never really known why they were doing this. I'm so naïve I thought maybe they were looking for a criminal on the run or one of the FBI's most wanted. I also thought that they could have been looking for a stolen car or missing child. I wasn't sure.

I have driven by these several times and I had always been waived right through. This time was different. I was stopped and the officer noticed that my registration was out of date. They then had me pull over. My vehicle's registration was up to date but I had forgotten to change the sticker out. I'm from Michigan originally and that state does not require visible car registrations.

The officer quickly checked my vehicle's status and realized my car was legal so he sent me on my way.

Have you ever been stopped or pulled over at these checkpoints? Are they only checking for registration or inspection status?

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