(The following paragraph should be a read in an extremely 1920s gangster voice.) Ah, prohibition, see? It caused quite a stir back in the day! Speakeasies were all the rage, so bums could get their hooch and dames could meet a fella. Yessir, the days of old were a wild time.

(You can go back to a normal voice now.) I recently came across an article on Thrillist called "The 23 Best Secret Bars In The World," and naturally, I was intrigued. Then I found a bar in New York on the list, and I got even more intrigued (intrigued-ier, if you will). This place is called PDT, and apparently it's gained a reputation among the secret bar community. But since the whole point is that it's a secret, it makes sense that I'd only hear about it now.

This bar is located inside a vintage phone booth which is located inside of Crif Dogs, a hot fog restaurant. You go into the phone booth, and the phone connects you to a hostess on the other end. At that point, a wall inside the phone booth slides open and reveals a whole bar. It is some legit secret agent stuff and I definitely need to check it out. It seems a little pricey, but it's worth it to be able to pretend I'm Maxwell Smart while I drink.