I know I'm not alone here, and it's probably been way worse and disgusting for others.

Like most mornings, I'm rushing to get out of the house. Working on a morning radio show requires me to wake up around 3:45 am Monday through Friday. I've been doing this for a few years now and I'm still not use to waking up that early.

With that being said, I'm basically a zombie when I'm getting ready. I don't have my coffee until I get to work.

On Monday morning, while getting ready for work I took my glasses and rings off and  started to wash my face. But for some reason I put my ring on the edge of the cabinet that sits above my toilet. You can probably figure out what happens next.

While trying to get my rings back on, without my glasses on, the ring fell off the cabinet and into the toilet bowl that wasn't closed. I heard the splash and my heart dropped. I rushed and got my contacts in and saw that the ring didn't go down any further. I didn't have anything to fish it out. So, in my hand went.

There was nothing gross in the toilet and I know it's clean water, but still, the act of putting your hand in the toilet bowl is disgusting.

I kid you not, 4 minutes later I dropped my eye liner sharpener toilet. I know I got lucky. It was my own bathroom, I live alone, so I didn't have to worry about much.

But I've heard horror stories about people losing wallets and phones in the toilet or even worse a porta-potty. Ugh, I can't even imagine.

Have you ever dropped something of value in the toilet? Were you able to get it back? Text us your story through The Wolf mobile app!

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