Let's be honest for just one second.

I'm sure you've been there before. You ate really hot food way too fast. Or maybe you ate something super spicy. And then suddenly, you had this very small, very annoying pain on your tongue. While it's very likely you could've burned your mouth on pizza, you could also have an exploded tastebud.

As I write this article, I'm currently dealing with an exploded tastebud. Well, there's also a possibility that there's a cut on my tongue. But it definitely feels like an exploded tastebud. Long story short, I had some sushi, there was plastic in it which got stuck in my tooth. I tried to get it out with my tongue, definitely messed up my tongue. Which is why I now have an exploded tastebud!

If you're unfamiliar with this terrible sensation, maybe you've heard it called different things. I've heard it called a burst tastebud or a popped tastebud. It really just looks like a little white dot where your tastebud would normally be. It doesn't last long, but it's around long enough to drive you crazy.

I'm never sure if this is one of those things that just my family says, or if it's actually real. So this is where I need you to validate me. Have you ever had an exploded tastebud? If so, PLEASE tell me your story. I want to relate and empathize with you.

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