The Hudson Valley is known for having an extensive history. With some towns and villages dating back to the 1600's, it's no surprise that there are unexplainable moments and events that happened.

A few months back, I visited a ghost town near Newburgh, New York. This town was called Roseton. If you pass through it, you may see the remnants of bricks, an old house and a community that has disappeared. 

Find out more about Roseton here.

Most recently, I was passing through a town in Sullivan County and came across another ghost town. Parksville is located in the town of Liberty within a small hamlet. Have you ever heard of this town before?

You may have traveled through this town and didn't even know it. There is the infamous pharmacy on the corner in Parksville.

Parksville was actually discovered by New England settlers. One of the settlers, William Parks created this town which was then called Parksville.

There was a railroad that was built near Parksville which allowed residents of New York City to easily travel into this town. Over time, the Catskills became the ideal spot to get away. 

However, when the Catskills were no longer a hot spot, Parksville became less populated and now known as a ghost town.

The businesses, restaurants and hotels were no longer in use. 

Click here to see pictures of Parksville, Maybe there are more parts to Parksville that need to be explored.

Will you visit this town? Do you know anyone that lives near Parksville? Share with us below.

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