We may be in the middle of yet another heat wave in the Hudson Valley, but fall is on our minds.

Listen, I'm fine celebrating summer until the end of August but all bets are off starting September 1st. Especially because one of our favorite fall attractions will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The Headless Horseman in Ulster Park, New York has announced the start of their 30th season of screams and scares. Starting Saturday, September 24th, 2022, those who are brave enough can enter The Horseman's Night of The Shadows.

Horror Lives at The Headless Horseman

What can you expect when you walk through the gates of the Headless Horseman this year? Well, it looks like the Horseman is trying to reclaim his "ancestral land" at Crow Hollow. I had chills reading the description below.

Crow Hollow Cemetery is peaceful. The footsteps of anyone who trespasses thru the sacred grounds summons the shadows of the dead out of the ground and into Crow Hollow. Your shadow many be consumed and become part of the army for eternity because it’s not just the shadows of the DEAD, the power will consume the shadows of the living. Don’t Look Back! WHAT IS FOLLOWING YOU HOME?

I actually just looked over my shoulder in fear.

No Hayride at The Headless Horseman?

During the 2021 scaring season, the Headless  Horseman announced a big change to the #1 haunted attraction in America. There will no longer be a hayride. Instead, it will be a walk thru experience.

The Scares Continue

After your initial walk thru of The Horseman's Night of the Shadows, you will have to brave your way through the following:

6 Haunted Houses- The Lunar Motel, The Nightshade Greenhouse, Glutton's Diner and Slaughter House, The Horseman's Tomb, The Feeding: Blood Thirsty and Two Ravens Manor.

2 Haunted Attractions- Dr. Dark's Black Spider Side Show and Mama Rose's Swamp Shack.

1 Corn Maze- Evil Reaping: Dark Harvest Corn Maze.

Needless to say, you'll be in for a night full of fright. Tickets are on sale now at HeadlessHorseman.com. The scares begin Saturday, September 24th in Ulster Park. Are you brave enough to make it through?

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