If you're anything like me (Schwenker), it's hard to come across low cost online video games with an almost endless playablility factor. Thank goodness Hearthstone exists!

If you're unaware, Hearthstone is put out by Blizzard Games and is an online card game which is similar to Magic: The Gathering. There's a few key differences (no need to play mana cards, only 30 cards in a deck etc) but the game play is very similar and it's fun to have random event cards that are generated by the gaming system. It's not something that is that easy to pull off with MTG.

Regardless, it's addictive as hell. You'll spend hours coming up with deck combinations. They have solo games, casual competitive games, ranked competitive play and a draft-type competitive league, which has nothing to do with the types of cards you have in your collection.

A few times a year, Hearthstone will launch a new card package. Expansions, adventures. They're all pretty awesome and come with a huge change in the meta of the game. It throws everything out of whack in a terrific way, and gameplay goes bonkers for a little bit.

Hearthstone is going to be releasing it's latest expansion "Journey To Un'Goro" in April, which features a few new ideas in the card set .There's a new classification on minions (elementals), there's going to be a new mechanic action in gameplay (adapt) and there's going to be a new kind of quest/goal card inside the game play.

Plus, there's going to be some bonkers cards showing up like "Volcano" in the Shaman class. 5 mana cost for a random 15 damage among minions on board. It's could be very similar to the board clear effect of Dommsayer, without the ability to counter. It's a little crazy.

Regardless! Anytime Hearthstone launches a new card set, it's tons of fun. If you haven't gotten an account yet, you should start now. It's going to be a good time.