Okay, something freaky happened the other day, and I could really appreciate some answers. On Saturday, after I did my work in the studio, I went for a walk because it was such a beautiful evening, and the sun was still out (got to love Daylight Savings). As I am walking down my street, I see a helicopter overhead. This isn't too odd because I see and hear helicopters all the time going back and forth from St. Francis MidHudson Regional Hospital. The flight path; however, was what caught my attention. It was heading straight for my house!

 Here's a visual of what we're talking about here.

As you can see in the video, the helicopter got very close to my house. At one point I thought it was even going to land! What the video does not show is how the helicopter cycled around our neighborhood several times for about an hour. This occurrence was so odd that it attracted people to come out of their houses. It felt like a Twilight Zone episode with everyone staring into the sky, trying to understand what was going on.

I've shared my story in a few Facebook groups that revolve around Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park, but unfortunately, I did not receive informative answers. I even tried asking people around the studio with all of our news sources and connections if they heard about anything, and they were not sure either. Most people have speculated that the helicopter may have been looking for someone or something. Perhaps there was a chase/manhunt of some kind. But why was it hanging over my house in particular? Did I say something wrong on the radio? I'll admit, I'm pretty vanilla, I don't do anything that insane! In all honesty, they were probably looking down into my woods for anything suspicious.

If anyone has any clue what this might have been about, please message me in the WRRV app!

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