Today is the day where men are supposed to cook a meal for their significant others. What if you can't cook? Am I in trouble?

On today of all days I would like to make a nice meal for my girlfriend to show her that I'm able to do the least little bit of adulting. However, I'm pretty inept in the kitchen. I don't have a whole lot of experience with cooking.

I'm a dude so yeah, I can grill. Cooking meats over an open flame is kind of instinctual.

What are some of the easiest meals to make?

According to The Recipe Critic here at the best and easiest meals for men to make.

  1. BBQ Butter Ribs
  2. Skillet Beef with Ramen
  3. Chili with Mac & Cheese
  4. An old fashioned hamburger
  5. Chicken wings
  6. Beef Stroganoff
  7. Pulled Pork
  8. Tacos

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Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind